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Condair OptiSorp

Multiple Steam Distributor System

The Condair OptiSorp multiple steam distributor system is specially designed for short absorption distance in ducts or air handling units. The absorption distance is up to 4 times shorter than in conventional steam distribution pipes. The extremely short humidification distances are achieved with vertical steam distributor pipes and special stainless steel precision nozzles. In addition, steam is distributed uniformly and without droplets over the entire cross-sectional surface of the system.

OptiSorp is manufactured exclusively from stainless steel and high-quality plastic, thus meeting the highest hygiene requirements.

  • Suitable for all atmospheric and pressurised steam humidifiers
  • Minimum humidifying distances
  • Free of droplets
  • Operation without wear

BIM and CAD files are now available for this product

To access 3D modelling BIM and CAD files for the Condair OptiSorp, please visit the Autodesk website here

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