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Australia's only humidifier specialist

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Aireven is the leading humidification specialist in Australia offering a complete range of humidifier and evaporative cooling technologies for commercial and industrial applications to suit your needs.

What we can do for you:

  • Quote to your specification
  • Pre-installation site inspection
  • Supply to your timeline
  • Site commissioning
  • Annual service contract
  • Spare parts ex-stock

What we do is easily explained but it's the 'way we do it' that really defines us as a company. At Aireven we are committed to providing superior technical advice, along with pre and after sales support. We are proud to have quality products, large stock levels, expertise and we strive to offer the best customer solutions and service at all times.


ARBS 2018

Thanks to all who visited our stand at ARBS.  It was good to have it back in Sydney after a long absence. It was also a pleasure to talk to all those we usually only speak to on the phone and to meet so many new faces. 
Please contact us for assistance with humidification and evaporative cooling applications. We can assist you with selection of the most suitable equipment and sizing for your next project requiring humidity control.

Buying from Aireven
is easy

From off the shelf spare parts and control products to design, quote and supply of major humidification projects, we can help you.

Electrode vs Resistive

Electrode and resistive are the two main types of electric steam humidifier a contractor will buy and install. Both are versatile and come in a variety of sizes for either in-duct or in-room applications.
Which one is best for you?

Data centres

need to maintain humidity levels at above 40%rH in order to avoid static build-up. A Cold water humidifier can also provide "free" evaporative cooling reducing energy consumption.


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