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Condair CP3 Mini

Small capacity self-generating electrode steam humidifier, 2-4 kg/hr

The state-of-the-art Condair CP3 Mini generates mineral-free and hygienic steam automatically in a thermo-plastic cylinder with electrode elements.  It is operated with normal tap water, no additional treatment required. The patented auto-adaptive control guarantees a high level of efficiency with minimum service requirements.  The Condair CP3 Mini can be connected to all commercially available humidity controls and humidity sensors.

  • Installation with hose set for concealed connections
  • Simple and secure maintenance by anyone
  • Easily operated software
  • Operation with normal mains water
  • High quality materials guarantee long, trouble free operation
  • Economical use of water


BIM and CAD files are now available for this product


To access 3D modelling BIM and CAD
files for the Condair CP3 Mini, please
visit the AutoDesk website here




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