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Defensor PH28

Combined Air Humidifier and Purifier - 
stand alone unit

The Defensor PH28 is designed for applications in the larger home, commercial and public premises and is suitable for humidifying rooms up to 900m3.  It is a free standing unit, which can be simply plugged into mains power. The inbuilt timer and monitoring hygrostat can be programmed. Power settings can be selected as required, meaning you don't waste energy unnecessarily.

The wireless external sensor remotely coordinates the performance of all connected PH28 units in very large rooms. This dispenses with cables and ensures optimum hunidification throughout the premises.

The Defensor PH28 uses the evaporator principle. This specifically involves dry air coming into contact with a mat saturated with water, absorbing the water and then being emitted into the room. Air is thus humidified both inexpensively and with a minimum energy requirement.

A further potential for active air improvement is in air cleaning. The Defensor PH28 can operate as a combination of humidifier and air purifier in one. The Quattro filter consists of a combination of a coarse, fine and double-layered active carbon filter which can easily be disposed of.

An integrated timer enables programming of a variety of ON/OFF and/or switching times and output levels. User-friendly programming facilitates ease of operation.

The mobile water tank can be flipped out at the side. This means that refilling can be easily managed by anyone. The units can also be supplied with a permanent mains water connection, eliminating the need to manually refill a water tank.

Suitable Applications

  • Art Gallery / Exhibition room
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Larger Home
  • Office
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