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Ultrasonic Humidification

Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a fine mist of water particles of 1 micron. The water particles evaporate and remove energy from the surrounding air (adiabatic effect). Consequently the temperature of the surrounding air will drop.  The humidifier contributes to the cooling process and uses very little energy. The operation of the humidifier is instantaneous (no waiting for startup) and produces no noise.    


Humidification of fresh produce in cold stores

The evaporator of a cooling system withdraws moisture from the air by condensing water vapour on the cold surface of the evaporator. The amount of moisture that is removed depends on the quality of the evaporator. The higher the temperature difference (Δt) over the evaporator, the more moisture is condensed.  

In a cold store filled with unpacked fresh produce, the effect is not directly obvious. Humidity measurements give a rather high relative humidity. This is caused by transpiration of the fresh produce. Because of the water vapour differential pressure between the produce and the cooled air, moisture is leaving the produce into the surrounding air.  However, measurements taken in an empty cold store show a relative humidity of about 50 % of the ambient air.  

Because of the loss of water content of the fresh produce, a number of effects occur:

  • Change in appearance 
  • Discolourations
  • Structural change, such as flabby salad, soft radish 
  • Weight loss (e.g. spring onions up to 40% in 6 days).  

Alternatives to ultrasonic humidifiers are nozzles (spraying systems) and steam. Steam costs a lot of energy to produce (10x as much compared to ultrasonic). The warm vapour has to be cooled again, whereas nozzle systems are best suited for large installations. 

You can read more about humidification of fresh produce in cold stores here 


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