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Condair Mk5 with Fan

Self-generating resistive element steam humidifier with Fan

The ventilation Fan unit is used for direct room air humidification. The fan unit is chiefly used when only one room is to be humidified, when there is no ventilation or airconditioning plant installed, when the humidifier has been subsequently installed, or in the case of special humidity problems.

The MK5 Fan unit for direct room humidification is available in two versions, the 5-15 kg and 16-45 kg steam capacity.

The Condair Mk5 self generating resistive element steam humidifier is designed to meet the highest requirements in control accuracy and low maintenance. It is operated with normal tap water or fully de-ionised water.

The Condair Mk5 can be connected to all commercially available humidity controls and humidity sensors.

The unique, patented scale management system drains the scale continuously during steam production into the scale collector tank.  This enables easy and rapid servicing during extremely long operating cycles.


Suitable Applications

  • Laboratories, Cleanrooms
  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Archives
  • Concert Halls
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