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Condair GS

Gas powered steam humidifier

The gas-heated Condair GS steam humidifier is used to generate and emit mineral-free, odourless and sterile steam. It can be used with both drinking water and fully de-ionised water. The GS unit operation is environmentally friendly and economic. Natural gas or propane can be used as fuel.

The firing system consists of an advanced ceramic fibre burner, gas pressure control valve and speed-controlled burner fan, which ensures low emissions with minimum operating noises and the highest level of efficiency.

  • e-LINKS: BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus interface


BIM and CAD files are now available for this product

To access 3D modelling BIM and CAD files for the Condair GS, please visit the Autodesk website here

Suitable Applications

  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Archives, Concert Halls
  • Hospitals 
  • Industrial
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