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Condair CP3

Self-generating electrode steam humidifier

With its generous display and simple user interface, this modern self-generating steam unit can be operated very easily. Components can be easily accessed for installation, removal and maintenance of the cleanable cylinder is simple and fast.

Fitted with a robust descaling pump, the humidifier can react quicker to fluctuating and variable requirements, contributing to improved stability during steam production. The required descaling volume for the water is maintained by the integrated water management system, thus improving the already optimised water consumption even further.

With the Link-Up System, a maximum steam capacity of 180kg/hr can be achieved. Thanks to its integrated software intelligence, the Condair CP3 can be integrated easily in a building management system.

The exact steam capacity is controlled by an individually-programmed CP3 card.  This enables the achievement of steam capacities tailored to suit specific requirements, thus benefiting the customer in the best possible manner.  Overcapacities caused by surges in capacity are eliminated. This reduces investment costs and leads to an improvement in control behaviour and efficient use of electrical energy.


  • Economic steam humidification
  • Reliable operation
  • Simple to install & easy to use
  • Provides pure, sterile steam
  • Long cylinder life
  • Active water conductivity management
  • Accurate humidity control
  • Optimised water consumption
  • Operates with standard drinking water


BIM and CAD files are now available for this product


To access 3D modelling BIM
and CAD files for the
Condair CP3, please visit the
Autodesk website here


Suitable applications

  • Art Galleries, Museums
  • Concert halls, Archives
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial

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