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Condair HP

New low energy consumption humidifier

The Condair HP high pressure spray humidifier can provide up to 1,300kg/hr of humidification and a potential 884kW of adiabatic cooling from just 2.2kW of consumed energy.

A high pressure pump feeds reverse osmosis (RO) water, at up to 70bar, to a system of atomising nozzles located inside a duct or AHU. The precision engineered nozzles create a fine mist that rapidly evaporates into the air stream, raising its humidity and decreasing its temperature.

A droplet separator is positioned downstream of the nozzles to contain the mist within the humidification section and guarantee droplet-free humidification.

Precision manufactured stainless steel nozzles atomize water into a fine mist. The nozzles are installed on stainless steel manifolds and are optimally distributed throughout the duct. This ensures that the moisture quickly and efficiently evaporates into the airstream. An even humidity distribution across the duct provides good humidity control and minimises waste water.

The Condair HP can also supply multiple ducts with spray humidification from a single pump station. This multi-zone feature makes it the ideal choice for air handling units that incorporate both humidification and adiabatic cooling elements.

A single pump station can humidify up to four ducts providing humidification of incoming fresh air as well as adiabatic cooling of exhaust air. By using a thermal recovery system, cool energy can be transferred from exhaust air to incoming fresh air, thus pre-cooling and reducing the load on chillers.

When used in multi-zone applications, the Condair HP offers independent local control for each duct and also local fault relays to the main control panel.

The Condair HP pump station features an oil-free stainless steel pump with an 8,000 hour guarantee.  It is driven by a low energy, high quality Grundfos motor.

The pump station also features optional integrated reverse osmosis water treatment plant, making it ideal for areas without an existing RO water supply.


  • Very low energy use
  • Provides adiabatic cooling
  • Large capacity (10-1,300kg/hr)
  • Close humidity control (±4%RH)
  • Multi-zone humidification from one unit
  • Oil-free stainlesss steel pump
  • Easy to install
  • Low service requirement


  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Concert Halls, Archives
  • Egg hatcheries
  • Data centres
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