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Reduce Your Building's Carbon Footprint

graphOnly2.jpg By installing a low energy humidifier rather than a typical electric steam humidifier, a building's carbon footprint can be significantly reduced. This in turn can help improve your building’s energy efficiency rating.

Condair ME

The Condair ME has the smallest carbon footprint of any our humidifiers and also provides up to 12°C evaporative cooling, which helps to reduce a building's cooling requirement. The low energy evaporative Condair ME humidifier uses less than one percent of the energy required to run an electric steam humidifier. This is because the moisture is introduced into an atmosphere by the simple act of evaporation rather than by boiling water to create steam.

Condair JetSpray

The JetSpray compressed air and water spray humidifier uses 90% less energy than electric steam humidifiers and it requires very little maintenance.

Condair HP

The Condair HP uses high pressures of up to 70bar and precision engineered nozzles to produce fine sprays that rapidly evaporate, raising the humidity to the required level.

These systems consume very little energy, can provide up to 1,300kg/hr and are ideal for use in adiabatic cooling applications.

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