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Process Cooling

MicroCool Industrial Cooling Systems

The “flash evaporation” of water particles into the air has long been known to drastically reduce air temperatures in hot dry climates. MicroCool Industrial Cooling Systems harness this particular ability of water to cool the air as it changes state. A  MicroCool nozzle creates billions of water droplets less than 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. As the droplets change state, the air temperature can drop as much as 18°C depending on the humidity ratio. MicroCool systems can incorporate sophisticated water treatment units that ensure any impurities or water born salts do not form on process surfaces or operations.

The MicroCool C3 system for condenser coils is a relatively new development that puts nozzles in front of the coil and reduces the air temperature going over the coil. The increase in efficiency of any air-cooled unit reduces electrical usage, power consumption and costly maintenance. As each nozzles uses less than 6 LPH (1.5 USGPH) the water saving over spray and pad systems is considerable. C3 systems use a fraction of the amount of water need for cooling towers.

The Engineers at MicroCool have not forgotten their commitment to water conservation and by using the latest in control techniques ensure that the Industrial Cooling applications only run when they are most effective. Using this method the systems do not waste water by running outside of their high efficiency climate zone. Electronic communications between the operator and the equipment ensure that he is constantly aware of the operational effectiveness of the C3 and other process cooling applications.


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