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Outdoor Commercial Cooling

Microcool fog system

With Commercial outdoor cooling, the aim of the system is to attract visitors, keep them there as long as possible and make sure that they are as comfortable as possible while they are there.

MicroCool sales engineers go to great length to discuss with the client or the architect their needs, worries and demands. Special care is taken to match the type of system and control with the client’s budget and present needs, conscious of potential expansion and future growth.

Commercial systems can vary from a single patio area to a complex of cool areas and effects throughout a (for example) water or animal park. Commercial systems are required to operate many hours of the day as opposed to “just when they are needed” as in residential homes. Equipment must be designed and built so that it operates trouble and worry free for 12 – 14 hours every day in the summer months.

Commercial cooling systems can run into hundreds of nozzles spread in different sections. Some of these sections are occupied at different times or during different occupancy rates. These require different nozzle spacing and treatment to deliver the most cooling for each area. MicroCool engineers can provide sectioning controllers and sensors to make sure that the best use is made of the installation and layout.

Water is a precious commodity and needs to be preserved at all costs, clientele may frown upon fog systems needlessly running and creating a wet pavement or seating area. MicroCool temperature and humidity sensors can assess the outdoor conditions and, based on pre-programmed hours, turn OFF the system when it is no longer needed. Management intervention and supervision is no longer needed and the time saved can be devoted to more pressing items without worrying about the fog systems. By running systems only when they are most effective, great savings can be made in energy and water usage.

Commercial systems can also benefit from superior water treatment such as Reverse Osmosis and UV lights. Nozzles operating at peak performance all through the summer make sure that the maximum cooling is being utilized without a reduction in performance from blocked or partially obscured nozzle orifices.

With a UV light commercial owners can be sure that only germ and bacteria free water is used in the MicroCool system, adding an extra layer of protection and security to the guests. UV lights (when operating correctly) will kill 99%+ of the water borne viruses and bacteria before every coming close to the fog system.

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Typical Applications

  • Outdoor Patio area
  • Water or animal park
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