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Industrial, commercial fogging systems

MicroCool, based in Palm Springs, California, USA, is a leader in industrial, commercial and residential fogging systems.  Industrial applications include humidification, process cooling, and dust and odour suppression, outdoor commercial fogging for outdoor environments.

MicroCool engineers cooling, humidification and environmental control solutions using high-pressure water (in the form of fog) combined with precision-built equipment. Droplets of water as small as 10 microns float in the air, evaporate quickly, and leave no residual water or wetting.

A Microcool fogging system typically consists of a high pressure pump system, hose lines with nozzles, control system and a water treatment system designed and engineered to achieve the required application requirements.

Clean water is essential to the successful operation of any fogging system. Water with high mineral content, pH, organic matter or hardness reduces the effectiveness of and will eventually block the nozzles. Aqueous Salts and Metallic Ions are also left floating in the air when the water flash evaporates, these can then cause a light “white dusting” around the fogging area and may be undesirable for certain processes. We can offer an array of water treatment systems and recommendations if there is any doubt about the water quality.

Reverse Osmosis
Whereas once Reverse Osmosis was associated with great expense, improvements in technology have drastically reduced the cost of RO making it affordable in almost every application.  The high cost of labour involved with nozzle maintenance or the cost of the reduction in performance now persuades many users to include a RO package in the system.

Reverse Osmosis is a process where the water is forced through ultra fine membranes removing particles as small as 0.0001 micron; standard filtration is 10 & 5 micron. By removing the solids and organic compounds, the nozzles perform at 100% efficiency for much longer periods and do not produce the dusting associated with non treated water.

Ultra Violet treatment
UV lights are commonplace in many different walks of life. They work by exposing the water to concentrated beams of light that will “kill” organic material in the water. They eliminate the presence of any water borne hazards or contamination that could cause sickness to anyone breathing in the fog. They are simple to mount on any pump and come complete with all accessories. If there is any doubt at all about the cleanliness of the water, we strongly recommend the use of a UV light in the system.

Aireven Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor of the MicroCool range of products.

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