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Industrial and Commercial Humidifer

Making the right choice for the success of your particular application

Humidification methods are many and varied.  Described below are the most common varieties for industrial humidifier and commercial humidifier in the marketplace today.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your requirements so that we can determine the best solution for your humidification needs.

Steam humidifier generate mineral free and hygienic steam, which is dispersed into the air stream via air duct or fan unit for direct room applications. These are the most common type of humidifier installed in HVAC systems today.

Evaporative humidifier for in-duct applications are suited for applications where low electrical energy consumption is a priority. Our low energy units use a spray water nozzle to generate fine water mist that rapidly evaporates to raise the relative humidity directly in the air or in air-handling units to the desired level.

Spray humidifier systems are used in industrial areas, storage rooms, cold stores and other working areas to maintain and control the relative humidity simply, reliably and in a failsafe manner. Water is sprayed at high pressure with compressed air uniquely designed stainless steel nozzles to atomise water into a rapidly evaporating ultrafine mist.

High pressure fogging systems - water is atomised by way of a pulsating high pressure (85 bar) and special nozzles to form a micro-fine aerosol (single-component technique) which is sprayed directly into the room or storage area. The units operate absolutely drip free.

Atomisers for direct room humidification - a very simple but effective principle, whereby an ultra-fine spray of water is generated by rotation and then vaporised by the existing heat in the room. This is an extremely economical humidification system, suitable for small industrial and institutional environments.

Comfort Range - combined humidifier/air purifier -suitable for use in commercial and public premises, or the larger home. The humidification process is by evaporation method. Evaporation specifically involves dry air coming into contact with a mat saturated with water, absorbing this water and then being emitted into the room air. The air is thus humidified both inexpensively and with a minimum energy requirement. A range of filters are used to clean the air of dust particles and odour. This is thus a combination of both air purifier and humidifier in one.

Industrial and Commercial Humidifier

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