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MicroCool - Industrial, commercial fogging systems

Formed in 1981 in the Palm Springs California area, MicroCool began outdoor cooling restaurants, businesses and private homes, based on the principle of flash evaporating high pressure water into the air.

As the MicroCool business grew, so did the technology that went with the equipment. Soon MicroCool systems were being used not only in the USA but also worldwide for many different applications and solutions. Some of these are textiles in South America; hatcheries throughout the USA and overseas; wineries in Spain,California and Argentina, along with tobacco production in Pakistan and China. Humidification and cooling in greenhouses became a worldwide application allowing growers to continue production of first class fruit all through the summer months.

Process cooling using MicroCool technology entered a new phase when energy prices rose and the application of fog on condenser coils to reduce electric demand attracted a great deal of attention. Still in its infancy, this process can reduce electrical usage by up to 18% and remove strain on the electrical grid.

MicroCool designers and engineers can between them offer over 75 years of working experience in the fog industry with degrees in engineering, chemistry and physics to help apply the technology to every solution.  

Aireven is pleased to be the exclusive agent in Australia for Microcool.

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